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This Connecting Windsor Study explores ways to improve bicycle and pedestrian connectivity between the east and west sides of the Town of Windsor. Windsor has selected a well-qualified team of transportation design professionals to develop and assess conceptual designs for safer, more efficient routes for cyclists and pedestrians to cross Highway 101, such as a bridge or tunnel. This Study also examines options for expanding the existing bicycle and pedestrian network in the downtown area, and methods for improving the existing Old Redwood Highway underpass to make it more inviting and able to accommodate a greater number of pedestrians and cyclists.

Highway 101 poses a significant barrier to east-west travel in Windsor. Currently, central Windsor has only one route for cyclists and pedestrians to cross Highway 101. What is more, the Old Redwood Highway undercrossing is situated between busy on- and off-ramps, which present safety challenges for cyclists and pedestrians. Yet Windsor has an excellent climate for cycling and walking, an active community, and exemplary public spaces, which are significant physical and cultural assets. This Study aims to identify ways to enhance these assets by better connecting them.

A very important part of this Study is working closely with the Windsor community so that both the conceptual design and assessment processes will be driven by the community's goals and priorities for transportation, recreation, safety, and overall coherence of the Town.  In the Fall of 2016, the Town expanded the scope of this Study to include a traffic analysis of Old Redwood Highway and a  biological assessment of the Windsor Creek area. The findings of these studies, combined with input received from public workshops, surveys, focus group meetings with stakeholders, and discussions with Town staff, informs the project’s design guidelines and the final design selection.

Visit this website for progress updates and workshop announcements.